Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Special Valentine

It is very hard to believe that our oldest was born 11 years ago today! So I thought I would share 11 things that make her so special, but there are many many more!
1. Haley has always had a smile that makes her eyes sparkle.
2. She is one of the kindest souls ever, and that is not just my opinion. I am so proud to hear it from her teachers and her friends' moms.
3. She has a very "nurturing" personality. We would always see it with small children, her sisters, but it has been VERY evident with her newest sister, Lilly.
4. She has a great LOVE for horses and now has a horse of her own. Even with the responsibility of having one, her love for it has not lessened.
5. We trust her to make very good choices. She is not afraid to tell her friends that she can't do something if it is questionable.
6. Haley has a very beautiful singing voice, but we can't convince her of it...yet!
7. Because of her good choices, she has friends that we actually enjoy being around.
8. She LOVES to be in the kitchen and it has become sort of the norm for her to wake up on Saturday mornings and cook breakfast for all of us.
9. Haley also has a great sense of humor. Jay and I really like being around her when she is goofing off!
10. If there are times that we don't make it to Bible Class on Wednesdays, Haley is very disappointed. She has a great love for GOD!!!
11. Haley definitely has made us look good as parents! We are SOOOO PROUD of her!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Basketball Season

Whew! Basketball season is now over. I can't say that I am sad about it because we have had at least 3 games for the last few weekends and a lot of Macey's and Emily's games were at the same time. So, Dad and I would split up and get them to where we were going. was fun to watch the girls as they progressed through the season. Emily is quite the point guard and can dribble better than I ever could. Macey is quite the defensive player.You tell her to stay on her girl and she is stuck there for the game. Haley has even taken an interest in it and has learned quite a bit at PE. Not real sure Lilly cared much for the sport and even fell asleep at one of the games!