Friday, May 29, 2009

School is Out!!!!


There are 7 girls in my yard playing in the sprinkler. Macey in goggles? Some in their school clothes? and one in a helmet? I think they are delirious!

Emily and her friend have found a frog...could this be "Hopper" from last summer?

The girls' had a great field day today for their last day at school. Each year the PTO goes all out and this year was no exception. Above is Lilly on a stick horse.

I think I will go look for a good book to read and begin my summer ...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Graduate

Today I attended Miss Lilly's Kindergarten Graduation. I have never been one to tear up at this because I always figured my kids would graduate from kindergarten, but today was a little different. Still no tears, but certainly a tingle or sniffle as I realized just how far Lilly has come in 6 short months. I am sooooo proud of her and to be her mama! She has learned academically, socially and even spiritually at lightning speed. It was very special to witness this milestone in her life and look forward to the many things that come!

P.S. I also need to publicly express how GREAT Lilly's teacher has been this year. She has nurtured when needed and pushed when needed. She has been a HUGE factor in the amount of progress that Lilly has made! Almost makes me want to have another child just to have in her class....just KIDDING!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Precious Moments

This past weekend we decided to take a 7 hour road trip to Missouri to see the Precious Moments Chapel. I have never collected Precious Moments, but have found a new fondness for them after seeing my friend's, Rachel, collection. My mom and dad had also been to see the Chapel and seemed to really like it.
So... being that I was ready for a trip. We loaded up the car and headed East. We met my mom there and spent the next day at the chapel and then swimming in the hotel pool. Macey commented several times about how great the vacation was! I have to agree.

Each girl had their picture taken with the large-size figurine that represented their age. Emily just happened to turn 8 the day before! (Birthday post to follow soon...after birthday party this weekend)

Grammie and the girls posed in front of a "Castle Playhouse" that the artist had on a mini island. The tour guide told us that only he and his grandkids were allowed on the island. The girls thought that it would be neat if Grammie had an island like that! I thought I would like one too...but with a drawbridge!

Haley was too funny standing like the statues that we saw. She is growing up, but luckily still likes to goof around.

Lilly liked most of the figurines, but as always a snowman was her favorite!

These are my Precious Moments!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Fever

Time to re-arrange patio furniture. I made room for a porch swing that I THINK I will be getting for my birthday....YEAH!

Time to plant the garden. Jay finally bought a tiller, has the ground in great shape, and hurried to plant the seeds before the girls came outside. Last year, they helped with planting a lot and we had no idea what was going to come up in each row. This year, he did most of it, but saved a little for the girls to help with.

Time to ride Penny. Penny has certainly been a neighborhood attraction! Last Monday I went to buy groceries and Jay sent a text "8 kids plus our four at the house right now." I replied, "Call me when they are gone, just kidding."

Time for camping...almost! Haley had a friend spend the night and they decided to sleep in the tent. Well, it was 45 and drizzling, so we decided that camping in the garage would work just fine. Then, the next night, Lilly wanted to sleep in the tent, so Haley slept out there with her.