Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr. Wonderful

Today is Jay's birthday and although I can think of plenty of things that I love about him, I am choosing not to do a birthday list for the number of years he is today.
Instead I will list the top 3:
1. As the pics below show, he is the best dad to our daughters that I could have ever dreamed of having!
2. He is my best friend and other than a chick flick, I would rather do things, go places, and talk to him above anyone else!!!
3. Most importantly he is a Christian first, then dad and husband. I only pray that there will be 4 Christian men out there (a long time away) that will be as good to our daughters as he has been to me!

We love you!
Your girls

Friday, June 26, 2009

What was I thinking?

First of all, for several reasons, none very good, I do NOT like to fly anymore. I used to, but not now. So, that explains a little about how hard it was for me to put my oldest on a plane, for the first time and by herself!!! I had to make sure that she left before my husband did, because I knew he would be calm and reassuring. I wasn't so sure I would be.

Haley was sooooo excited to finally fly! Her sisters were jealous but we assured that they would all eventually have their turn, just not all in the same summer.

So, after Jay walked her through security, only one of us was allowed and I was relieved, I got a little misty-eyed. She was so giddy but also so grown-up about the whole thing.

She has had a blast and will FINALLY be home tomorrow. Not only will I be relieved to have her back on the ground, but I have certainly learned how much I appreciate all of the help she gives! I think even her sisters will be very glad to have her home as well.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Emily's Post

For the record, I did NOT forget to post Emily's birthday post! We were in Missouri.
So here is Emily's 8 year old Birthday Post...

8 Things That I Love About Emily

1. Emily enjoys life! She has very seldom, if ever, said she was bored and can always find something to do.
2. I love that Emily very easily makes friends! She seems to see the good in everyone, but stands strong. If someone is not nice to her (other than her sisters) she won't say anything, but just find soemthing else to do.

3. Emily can definitely be a girly girl or a tomboy. She loves to play dress-up, but has to be reminded to change out of her "high heels" BEFORE she goes outside to catch a frog or jump on the trampoline.
4. Although very frustrating, I DO love how she can be getting a lecture or scolding and all of the sudden make you laugh!

5. I love Emily's bright smile! She can bop in and out of a room and make everyone there smile as well.
6. Emily is so smart and loves to challenge herself. If she missed a problem on a worksheet, she will work hard to not miss the same one again.

7. I love that Emily is very athletic and competitive. She is the girl that has never been in gymnastics but has taught herself round-offs, one-handed cartwheels, flips on the trampoline...all out of sheer determination! She is also a pretty good basketball player!
8. She pays attention to things that we never thought she was even aware of. She has had discussions about adoption with her friends. She takes up for her sisters when someone is mean. And,lately, she has begun to ask about baptism and its meaning. I LOVE THAT!

Happy 8th Birthday, Emily! We are very proud of you!!!