Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Okay, for those that I told that I would post first day of school pics, I can't! I took the pictures, BUT did not realize that I did not have the memory card in and can't find the book to see how to take the pictures out of internal memory. So, I will either take more and pretend they are this year's pics or I will figure out how to get them out of my camera. Would love to hear from anyone that may know how to do this.
BTW- I am pretty sure that hubby took the card out and used it in the "deerstand" camera....

One more thing... The girls had a GREAT first day! Haley really enjoys being at the middle school and changing classes. Macey got the teacher that she really wanted, and has close friends in her class. Emily got a really sweet teacher and loved hearing how her teacher and Macey's from last year had to "fight" to have her in their room. I even found out who Lilly's kindergarten teacher will be when she FINALLY gets here. She will have Emily's previous kindergarten teacher because she is the only ESL certified kindergarten teacher. We loved her! Looks like it is going to be a good year!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's Raining, It's pouring...

I will not sing "Rain Rain Go Away," because in our neck of the woods (not really woods) rain is a very common subject in prayer. But, seriously we have had a very unusual amount of rain the last couple of days and my girls NEED to go outside! I am actually trying to talk them into playing in the rain, but no luck....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One more thing....

I just registered my oldest for Middle School today (just 5th grade though)! Where has the time gone? Does this mean that I am getting older too?

End of Summer

Well, this is my last night of my summer. I start back to work tomorrow. No more days at the pool with the girls, sleeping late, staying up late, not worrying if I finish my "To Do" list because there is always tomorrow, and last but not least no more reading blogs for an hour at a time....
But, on the bright side....I start at a new school district(the same school district as my daughters). It is a smaller district, so small that most people refer to the superintendent by first name and I know a lot of the staff there already. So, the change should be good! I am excited, a little sad to leave a district where I had developed good relationships with a lot of schools, but ready to see what lies ahead.
Wish me luck waking up to the alarm clock in the morning.........

P.S. I will also be able to check in on Lilly (frequently) when she starts school here, hopefully before Christmas!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Why I Love Where I Live...

There are times that I really miss being closer to family, and there are times that I miss trees, but then there are times like this!

Summer Activities

Well, I thought when I started this blog thing that I would be able to keep up with ALL of our activities.....didn't happen. So to catch everyone up on the happenings of the last few weeks, here goes:
Haley had a great time at church camp and even reported that it was more fun than last year (she still wants Grammie to go next year though!)When I was helping her pack up her stuff, she told me that there were some older girls that were really nice to her and an older boy that was nice too. I quickly reported to Jay about the guy, because Haley blushed a little when she said it. While waiting for the awards to be given out, the older kids meandered to their table and THE "nice" boy gave her a pat on the head as he walked by. Jay nudged me and we teased her about it, BUT I can proudly report that he was wearing an AGGIE cap!
Macey and Emily spent a couple of days at Nana's where they once again went to Sam Moon without me (a really good CHEAP jewelry store), they swam til they had webbed feet and they got lots of great school clothes. Nana even reported that they got along with each other pretty well, so for those wondering, threatening your children is effective.
They then went to Chica's house, I mean Grammie and Poppa's house. Chica is Poppa's horse, I mean Chica is the grandkids horse that Poppa so nicely trains, feeds, and boards! Anyway- the girls LOVE riding Chica and helping to take care of her. They also made bags and Birthday cans for their friends with Grammie. They think Grammie has always been crafty and that I should know how to do these things since my mom does, oh well. Then we all spent the day at the beach before heading back home.
Once back at home the girls and I have spent A LOT of time at the pool. It seems regardless of the day we are always able to run into friends there. Jay meanwhile has really taken an interest in the horse that we are keeping for a friend of mine. I have to remind him as he starts to look for HIM a saddle or various other things that WE don't have a horse yet. But it fun to watch him work her in the evenings!

Finally, we made a quick trip to Dallas this past week. Jay had a "business" trip to a Rangers game and the wives were allowed to attend as well. This was our second Rangers game of the year and they lost both times and each game was an adventure. The first game Jay and a few other dad's had 4th row seats, while the girls and I sat in center field with our ponchos on in the rain. I am glad the girls like baseball, but we may have carried it a bit too far by sitting in the rain. This last game was in a private box with a catered meal....MUCH BETTER!!!! The girls missed it though, although I know that they had a great time! They were able to stay at Jay's aunt's house, where they swam and made bracelets. Not just ordinary bracelets, but really cute bracelets from a huge selection of beads that Aunt Pattie has. BTW- Thanks Aunt Pattie, the girls had a great time!!!

And now as I type my youngest is at the deer lease with Jay and her uncles and cousin. She looked so cute this morning in her boots, ratty jeans and camo shirt with her BB gun. Some feel sorry for Jay having so many girls in his home, but when you have daughters that like baseball, want to hunt, play golf with dad, ride horses, it is a wonder that I was still able to talk the other two girls' into the pool today, Hobby Lobby and Justice. We are two very lucky, very proud, and very happy parents!!!!!